Menjangan - the crown jewel of Bali diving in my opinion. This small island is to the North-West of Bali and is in the middle of a National Park. This means no construction, (little) polution and fishing. The corals here are pristine and absolutely sublime. On the south of the island you have a series of wall dives and on the north a series of nice sandy reefs to explore.

Menjangan is also the last resting place of an unknown wooden cargo ship (called the Anchor Wreck due to the anchor that marks the beginning of the wreck site) that while deep (40 to 50m) is still a great dive. Another notable dive spot here is Eel Garden - a site which has a tennis court sized Garden Eel "garden". Quite spectacular! Conditions here are almost always great and the shallow reef that surrounds the island also makes this one of the best snorkeling spots of Bali.

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