Padang Bai (or Padang Bay) is a little bay about an hours drive north of Sanur and just before you start getting to the mountainous area of Bali. There are two main dive sites we dive at - Blue Lagoon, another small bay and Jepun - a bigger bay which is also the entry point for large ships going to the local petrol refinery/storage complex.

Conditions here can be varying. The bottom is mainly sand so as soon as you get any kind of water movements from the tide or offshore currents then the visibility drops down to about 5m and you experience various thermoclines rushing at you from the blue. Still, it's a fantastic dive site with a nice variation between the sandy bottom, coral bommies that dot the place, shallow reef to the north and small wall to the south. Jepun is slightly less interesting in that it's mainly flat coral though there is an artificial reef here with a small ship wreck on the end. While the reef itself doesn't seem to be doing great, it's a great place to spot Mantis Shrimps, Sting Rays and Cuttlefish.

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