Tulamben is probably the most visited place outside of Nusa Penida on Bali in terms of diving. And the reason is simple: the shipwreck. Tulamben is home to the wreck of the USAT Liberty, a US cargo transport that was torpedoed (but not sunk) during the Second World War. They attempted to tow the ship up to the north for repairs but only got as far as Tulamben before deciding to beach it. There is remained until the 1963 erruption of Mt Agung which caused the wreck to be pushed about 50 meters into the sea. That makes it one of the most easily accessible wrecks in the world as it is literaly a stone's throw away from the beach. The wreck itself is quite broken up and severly degraded but is covered in coral and has quite an impressive collection of fish living on it.

However, the wreck isn't the only good site around Tulamben and just next door you have Coral Garden (a shallow coral reef) and the Drop Off (a lovely Wall dive where we also happen to do our Tec Deep training dives). These are home to a variety of fish and corals and definately worth a look. Further along the coast you have Batu Kelebit, Seraya Secrets and many other sites well known for their macro life.

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